Meetinghouse Standard Plan Information (SPI) Notice

Provides new information that may be helpful to Project Managers and their consultants who work with the standard plan program.

SPI # Information Title Date of Notice
SPI 78Updated Carpet Samples15 Jul 2013
SPI 77Carpet VMR Changes19 Feb 2013
SPI 76Style & Furnishings Selection Handbook - New SharePoint Site20 June 2012
SPI 75Materials & Furnishings Budget Summary - May 2012 Update25 May 2012
SPI 74Yamaha Piano Discontinuation30 Aug 2011
SPI 73Utah Millwork Initiative Modification20 Jun 2011
SPI 72Materials & Furnishings Budget Summary - May 2011 Update7 Apr 2011
SPI 71Utah Millwork Initiative Clarification6 Dec 2010
SPI 70Utah Millwork Initiative1 Nov 2010
SPI 69Pre-finished Basketball Standards - Color Change20 Sep 2010
SPI 68Access Controls Cost Benefit FM Tool22 July 2010
SPI 67Updated Artwork Price List/Worksheet30 April 2010
SPI 66Pre-finished Basketball Equipment29 April 2010
SPI 65New On-line Church Facilities Artwork Catalog28 April 2010
SPI 64Materials & Furnishings Budget Summary – May 2010 Update26 April 2010
SPI 63U.S. and Canada Standard Plans Planning Brochure13 October 2009
SPI 62Accordion Folding Partition Procurement Revisions21 October 2009
SPI 61Schedule of Values Update11 September 2009
SPI 54Dinnerware Kit Discontinuation03 September 2009
SPI 59Meetinghouse Artwork Guidelines Update21 August 2009
SPI 60Updated AEC Website07 August 2009
SPI 58Style & Furnishings Selection Handbook for Replacement Projects - July 2009 Update23 July 2009
SPI 57Style & Furnishings Selection Handbook for New Construction - July 2009 Update23 July 2009
SPI 55Volleyball Referee Stands21 July 2009
SPI 56Updated Fabric Cards06 July 2009
SPI 53Materials & Furnishings Budget Summary - June 2009 Update11 June 2009
SPI 52Meetinghouse Vestibule Walk-off Carpet Tile14 April 2009
SPI 51AEC Design Guidelines14 April 2009
SPI 50Hands Free Microphone for Meetinghouse Use14 April 2009
SPI 49Proper Use of Specified Sealants02 March 2009
SPI 48Availability of LDS Wood Stains in Sherwin Williams Stores06 February 2009
SPI 47Vehicle and Pedestrian Access Gate Assemblies23 January 2009
SPI 46Fire Sprinkler Cover Plate Installation16 January 2009
SPI 45Discontinuation of Half-Size Standard Plan Drawing Set Printing19 September 2008
SPI 44Clarification Regarding Locks for Televisions & TV/DVD Combo Units22 May 2008
SPI 43Update to Meetinghouse Artwork Brochure23 April 2008
SPI 42Price Increase - Televisions18 March 2008
SPI 41Update to Lees Carpet Samples27 February 2008
SPI 40HVAC Equipment Supplier - York Update14 February 2008
SPI 39Meetinghouse Standard Plan Additions - November 200730 November 2007
SPI 38Video Guide to the Johannus WM-44 LDS Organ17 October 2007
SPI 37Sharon Plan Designation10 October 2007
SPI 36Replacement Fabric for Cobblestone25 June 2007
SPI 35AC Condensing Unit Replacement26 June 2007
SPI 34Wood Stain Recalibration16 April 2007
SPI 33Frozen Sprinkler Pipes28 December 2006
SPI 32Rostrum Seating Change - Leadership Row27 September 2006
SPI 31Style & Furnishings Selection Handbook - June 2006 Update29 June 2006
SPI 30Weidemann Church Products01 May 2006
SPI 29Suspension of Cobblestone Fabric10 April 2006
SPI 28Rostrum Seating Change26 January 2006
SPI 27New Foyer Furnishings Package for New Construction09 January 2006
SPI 26Update to Cobblestone Fabric Problem27 October 2005
SPI 25Cobblestone Fabric Problem05 October 2005
SPI 24Legacy Motorized Projection Screens & Projectors20 October 2005
SPI 23Window Widths Reminder19 May 2005
SPI 22Aluminum Steeple Manufacturer18 May 2005
SPI 21Templates for Arched Aluminum Storefront Entry Systems30 March 2005
SPI 20Family History Centers in Stake Centers22 March 2005
SPI 19Approved Aluminum Steeple Manufacturer09 February 2005
SPI 182005 Master Specification Changes10 June 2005
SPI 17Fire Protection Piping Freezing Problems - Heritage 98 Buildings08 December 2004
SPI 16Radio-Control Clocks30 June 2004
SPI 15Additions to SMS12 June 2004
SPI 14Acoustic Tile Update18 May 2004
SPI 13Change from Mandalay Fabric to Cobblestone29 April 2004
SPI 12Church Specifications Changed from WordPerfect to Microsoft Word18 March 2004
SPI 11Faux Alabaster Bowls - Chapel Pendant Light Fixtures29 January 2004
SPI 10Fayette Meetinghouse Rostrum Millwork27 January 2004
SPI 09Availability of Acoustical Ceiling Tile12 January 2004
SPI 08Door Stile Face Changes17 November 2003
SPI 07Fire Alarm Monitoring12 November 2003
SPI 06Architect Provided Color Board Requirement28 August 2003
SPI 05New Meetinghouse Window VMR07 June 2003
SPI 03.2Furnishings Orders for New Construction Projects20 May 2003
SPI 02Visual Display Board Discrepancies22 November 2002
SPI 01Approved IBC 2000 Code Modifications for Spire Heights21 October 2002

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