Landscape Resources

Landscape Architect Checklist

This checklist helps guide the landscape architect (LA) through all phases of a new meetinghouse or facility project.


Project Manager Checklist

This checklist helps project manager (PM) keep track of landscape architect efforts.


Eco-Regions Map

For use in determining landscape options based on geographic and environmental regions.

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Zoom in/out using your mouse's scrollwheel, or with the buttons above. Large/Printable Eco Regions Map | with Area Boundaries


Eco-Region Specific Landscape Style Options

Actual architectural plan types are subject to change. Proto-typical plans are given for reference only. Work with project architect to get building footprint and site layout for individual projects. For plans that are unavailable through Eco-Region tables, contact David Wright with AEC at (801) 240-9478 or

Landscape sheet numbers are to match the following format:
Mow Strip/Edging Dimension Plans L101, 102, 103…
Planting Plans L111, L112, L113…
Irrigation Plans L121, L122, L123…
Detail Sheets L501, L502, L503…
Plant List Disclaimer

These plant lists are guidelines for local landscape architects. All care and professionalism required of a landscape architect must be taken in the selection of plant material. It is the landscape architect’s responsibility to select plant material that is hardy for and appropriate to a site. Amongst other considerations, the landscape architect should select plant material based upon aesthetics, safety, maintainability, durability, hardiness, soil suitability, micro-climatic limitations and water conservation. Plant lists may be added to when proven to meet these criteria for respective eco-regions.



Interactive Church Approved Plants

With an LDS account this link connects to plant search tools of over 1,400 approved church plants. Professionalism as described above shall be taken in the selection of plants. Plants can be searched for based on common and scientific name, plant categories, and plant characteristics. Additionally, if you would like to submit a plant for approval, a tab is provided to help guide the submittal process. Any responsible individual can sign up for an LDS account by visiting


Common Landscape Detail Sheets

Sheets L501 through L506, which contain general and specific irrigation and planting details, are available in PDF and DWG
(Updated 2/2019, Landscape Detail Changes February 2019)


Specification Updates

See AEC Specifications to download specifications. Check the following links for description of listed updates.

Smart Controller Planning and Installation Checklists

Procedures for final inspections of installations of Rain Master and WeatherTRAK systems.
For past recordings of church conducted training please contact David Wright.


Landscape Management Plan (New)

The Landscape Management Plan (LMP) is a Facilities Manager’s (FM) quick reference guide for landscape maintenance and it is created by the project landscape architect in coordination with the landscape contractor. This document is approved for new and existing construction projects. While the old Site Management Plans will still have value for facilities management efforts and as such should not be discarded, the LMP takes over its place for new landscape projects.


Water Conservation Guidelines

The Water Conservation Guideline provides water management ideas. It also helps FMs in working with contractors and members to conserve water while meeting meetinghouse irrigation needs. The guide provides everything from a simple, single, breakout, quick reference sheet, to advanced controller adjustment recommendations. Any considerations for additional inclusions should be sent to David Wright at


Transitioning Trees to Water Wise Landscapes

If you are considering transitioning to a water wise landscape, please review this document by Kathryn Johnson and Larry Rupp of the Center for Water-Efficient Landscaping (CWEL) of the Utah State University Extension.


Water Conservation Resources, Rebates and Incentives


Landscape Meetinghouse Update

Articles designed to keep you informed of the most current meetinghouse landscape guidelines, standards, issues, questions and answers.
May 2015 |  July 2012 |  April 2012 |  January 2012 |  September 2011






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