Building Utilization

Information is provided to assist facilities managers, priesthood leaders and members.
For the standard plans listed, the following are provided:

  • Building Floor Plan
    Can be used to assign classes to each teaching station during classroom times during consolidated meeting block
  • Assembly rooms (Chapel and Cultural Center), Overflow and Conference Seating
    Shows seating capacities of fixed pews and indicates how moveable seating should be set up for overflow or conference situations, to maintain code required aisles and exiting
  • Classroom Use Floor Plan
    Shows seating arrangements (maximum possible seating) for teaching areas, and arrangements for opening exercises for young women and priesthood meeting
  • Banquet Seating
    Shows the layout for round banquet tables, chairs and serving tables for maximum banquet occupancy in cultural centers and multi-purpose assembly rooms
  • Auxiliary Cabinets
    Shows the storage cabinets provided in each standard plan building, with a recommendation only on the assignment of cabinets to specific auxiliary organizations
  • Building Services Plan
    Shows the location of fire extinguishers, fire alarm control and pull stations, electrical panels, gas meter, water pressure reducing valve and fire sprinkler riser, and wireless access points
  • Mechanical Floor Plan
    Shows the mechanical zones, and the location of the thermostat for each zone
  • Technology Floor Plan
    Shows the location of microphone jacks, HDMI outputs and inputs, volume controls, telephone and data outlets, and additional sound and technology items

Standard Plans

Heritage 09 Stake Center, Release 6 (February 2016)
Heritage 09T Meetinghouse, Release 6 (February 2016)
Heritage 98, Release 20 (October 2014)
Independence 130 Meetinghouse, Release 6 (August 2016)
Independence 170 Meetinghouse, Release 6 (August 2016)
Independence 230 Meetinghouse, Release 6 (August 2016)
Independence 230 Stake Center Release 6 (August 2016)

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