Seminary & Institute Standard Plans



Please see the planning brochure for sample floor plans, site plan, attendance capacity, style options, and additional information.


Drawing Downloads:

DWG downloads include AutoCAD files, calculations, and option sheets.


Plan Code Description PDF DWG
SEM18-01-03 One Classroom Seminary
SEM18-02-03 Two Classroom Seminary
SEM18-03-03 Three Classroom Seminary
SEM18-04-03 Four Classroom Seminary
SEM18-06-03 Six Classroom Seminary
SEM18-08-03 Eight Classroom Seminary


Seminary Module for Meetinghouses / Stake Centers

Plan Code Description PDF DWG
SEM11-HMAS-02-2 Two Classroom Seminary Module for Heritage 09T Meetinghouse
SEM11-HMCS-03-1 Three Classroom Seminary Module for Heritage 09T Meetinghouse



Plan Code Description PDF DWG
INS05-02-10 Two Classroom Institute
INS05-03-10 Three Classroom Institute


Institute Module for Meetinghouses

Plan Code Description PDF DWG
INS11-HMDS-02-01 Two Classroom Institute Module for Heritage 09T Meetinghouse



Site Civil Drawings

Current standard site details for parking lots, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, driveways, etc., as well as outside storage buildings, are available separately on the Site Civil Resources page.


Landscape Drawings

Please see the Landscape Resources page for landscape detail sheets and an eco-region specific prototypical site plans.



The Seminary & Institute specification is designed for use with this plan.



Refer to the Standard Plan Change (C-SPC), Release (C-SPR), and Information (C-SPI) pages for additional documents related to this plan.
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