Quality Assessment

For the United States and Canada

The objective of a Quality Assessment is to determine if facilities are constructed to an adequate quality level and portray an image of dignity, integrity and respectability.


Document Name and Description New
Replacement &
Seminary &
QA Development Checklist
The checklist outlining development QA items and the verification for each.
New Mtgh R&I S&I
QA Construction Checklist
The checklist outlining construction QA items and the verification for each.
New Mtgh R&I S&I
All QA Materials, Including the QA Form
The complete collection of files. This contains the tool, all training files, and the folder structure. Please use the instructions below to preserve the links and functionality of the tool.
New Mtgh R&I S&I
Quality Assessment Guidelines
A detailed description of the roles and responsibilities involved in a QA and how and when to perform a QA.
Quality Assessment Guidelines

A step-by-step guide for downloading the entire QA tool and training materials to preserve the links and functionality. Some of the steps vary based on what tool is used to extract the downloaded ZIP file. Please select from Windows 7, Windows XP, or WinZip.






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