Building Information

Sometimes also called Record/As-Built Drawings

Requesting Building Information

  • Building Information will only be made available by a Church Project Manager or Facilities Manager.
  • On devices connected to the Church's internal network (via VPN or a church-managed network connection), drawings can be obtained directly via the As-Built Catalog. Sorry, access to this system is limited to Church employees.


Submitting Building Information

Please submit the following (if applicable):
  • PDF Files
    • Certificate of Occupancy
    • Project Manual
    • O&M Manual
    • Record Drawings (As-Built Drawings) – Construction Document Sets should be saved as individual sheets and are saved with the sheet number and sheet title as the file name (i.e. A101 – Main Floor Plan)
  • CAD files and Revit Central Models for new construction, additions, reconfigurations, site changes/upgrades, and HVAC upgrades should be in a separate folder.
  • Remove all copyright notices or passwords.
  • All building information becomes the property of the Church and should not contain copy restrictions.
  • A property number and date for the project should appear on each drawing.
  • The name of the project and the correct property number should be included in the name of the ZIP file, as well as the submittal message.
  • Please submit only one project per message. This helps us track and process each submission more accurately.
  • Files should be sent to with a copy to the facilities or project manager that requested the work.
  • Files may be submitted with your offices standard file sharing preference (Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP site, etc.)
  • Contact with any questions.




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