Record Drawings

Sometimes also referred to as "As-Built Drawings"

Requesting Drawings

  • Record drawings will only be sent to those with approval from a Church Project Manager or Facilities Manager.
  • Sorry, drawings cannot be made available to the general public.
  • Contact Nancy Black (801-240-2431) or Jeremy Anderson (801-240-6404) for details.
    Nancy Black
    Jeremy Anderson
  • On devices connected to the Church's internal network (via VPN or a church-managed network connection), drawings can be obtained directly via the As-Built Catalog. Sorry, access to this system is limited to Church employees.


Submitting Drawings

  • Record drawings for completed projects should be submitted to Church Headquarters in Portable Document Format (PDF).
  • Vector PDF files, generated by the CAD software the record drawings were created in, are preferred over raster/scanned copies.
  • If scanning paper drawings, please use the following settings: 300 dpi, 36x24", Monochrome. International areas should submit the record drawings on the paper size used for the project, preferably A1 size, 841mm x 594mm, approximately 33.1" x 23.4".
  • Please remove any copyright notices or passwords.
    Record drawings become the property of the Church and should not contain copy restrictions.
  • We will accept and archive CAD drawings if submitted, but not in place of PDF files.
  • We suggest using a zip file to compile all the record drawings together into one file for easier transfer.
    Please use a common zip format that can be opened by Windows without requiring additional software or plugins.
  • A property number and date for the project should appear on each drawing.
  • The name of the project and the correct property number should be included in the name of the ZIP file, as well as the submittal message.
  • Please submit only one project per message. This helps us track and process each submission more accurately.
  • Files should be sent to with a copy to the facilities or project manager that requested the work.
  • Please use FileSend, a free file transfer service run by the Church, to submit record drawings. FileSend allows transmissions up to 5gb in size. You should receive an automated "Upload Notification" email confirming that the file has been transferred.
  • Expect to receive an email from Nancy Black acknowledging that your submission has been received. Automated messages from FileSend unfortunately do not indicate whether the right people received the file. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within a day or two, please contact either Nancy Black or Jeremy Anderson for assistance.
  • Contact Jeremy Anderson (801-240-6404) or Nancy Black (801-240-2431) with any questions.




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